Walmersley Nursery Ofsted Comments

Unique reference number EY428486
Inspection date 10/02/2016
Inspector Jennifer Kennaugh
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Teaching is consistently excellent in this outstanding learning environment. Children make exceptional progress from their starting points in all areas of learning. The use of additional funding is exceptionally well targeted and the expectations for all children are very high, irrespective of their progress on entry.

Systems to monitor children's progress are highly meticulous. Practice in monitoring children's learning and implementing early interventions is exemplary, which helps to maximise their progress. Children very rapidly develop the skills needed to be ready for school.

Children's physical and emotional well-being is exceptionally well supported. Care practices are outstanding, contributing to children being highly confident and motivated to learn.

The nursery staff are proactive in helping to support the well-being of the surrounding community by making a defibrillator continually available.

Parents are provided with opportunities to gain qualifications in paediatric first aid and learn about behaviour management, promoting their children's welfare and development. The nursery also provides a wealth of other routes for parents to become involved in their children's learning and to exchange information with staff about this.

There are many highly effective partnerships with other professionals and agencies, which contribute to the outstanding quality of provision. Directors frequently contribute to the processes for enhancing the regulation of early years provision. They also provide advice and training for other professionals. This helps to raise the quality of early years provision in the wider community.

There are highly robust systems to monitor the suitability of staff and promote the safety and security of children. Procedures for recruitment and induction of new staff ensure that only suitable adults with an exceptional enthusiasm for childcare are selected.

There are highly rigorous systems to nurture staff performance and enhance the effectiveness with which the rich, vibrant environment is used to support children's learning. There is an exceptionally strong culture of staff professional development and they routinely reflect independently on their practice.

The views of parents, staff, children and other professionals are continually sought, both informally and through established systems. Directors and managers recognise the importance of ceaselessly striving to find even more ways to enhance the firmly established, outstanding quality of provision.

A strength of the teaching is the exceptional support to develop children's thinking skills. Children are frequently encouraged to recall information, compare sizes and make simple calculations. Pre-school age children make very good progress in learning about letters and sounds through a wide range of activities which sustains their interest exceptionally well.

Babies are provided with a wealth of activities from when they are able to stand, which help them to develop the manipulative skills and strength needed to use simple tools. There is a very strong emphasis on developing babies' and children's communication skills from their earliest attendance, which underpins their very rapid progress in other areas of learning.

Children demonstrate their excellent thinking and communication skills by creating games together. Staff use their play to help children develop their ability to take turns. Staff also provide interesting activities to help children gain a positive awareness of diversity, including through links with a childcare setting in Africa.

Staff demonstrate very strong skills when teaching children how to respect others and manage their own behaviour, as well as how to talk about their feelings. There are many daily opportunities for children to take on small tasks, which contribute to them learning the satisfaction to be gained from helping others.

Staff effectively promote children developing self-care and independence skills from the earliest stages. Resources are highly accessible so that children can decide what to play with. Staff provide many interesting activities for children to learn how to keep themselves safe, as well as frequently raising parents' awareness of safety.

The staff ensure that the environment offers a wealth of exciting ways for children to take reasonable risks and enjoy exercise. Children grow some nutritious foods and deepen their understanding of good hygiene and a balanced diet by helping to prepare them for eating.

Children are highly confident and happy. They make excellent progress from their starting points towards their next steps in learning. They have an exceptional understanding of how to keep safe and healthy. Children develop a very firm respect for others.

To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should continue to drive forward the excellent evaluative and reflective practice that leads to the established outstanding quality of provision, which is worthy of dissemination to others.

Mulberry Bush Nursery Group are a group of five family run and owned children’s nurseries based in Bury, Lancashire. Founded in 1990, we are the longest established nursery group in the North West.

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