Our approach to childcare

In each of our nurseries we:

  • provide a caring environment that is safe, happy, stable and secure;
  • enable opportunities for meaningful play and help children to be independent and self-motivated;
  • encourage a positive, praising environment promoting a child's self-esteem;
  • promote and develop social responsibility and self-discipline;
  • help children to develop good language and communication skills;
  • help to foster within children the belief that learning is fun;
  • work in close partnership with parents and carers;
  • encourage boys and girls to be active and nurturing;
  • provide education promoting a balance of child led and adult led activities;
  • help children to develop fine and large motor skills;
  • provide opportunities for active, outdoor play;
  • observe, assess and record the children’s development to ensure continuity and progression; and
  • facilitate a smooth transition from nursery to primary school.

Mulberry Bush Nursery Group are a group of five family run and owned children’s nurseries based in Bury, Lancashire. Founded in 1990, we are the longest established nursery group in the North West.

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