Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you are more than welcome to have a look around any of our nurseries. Ideally we ask that you ring to make an appointment to view so that a manager will be available to take you round and answer any questions you may have. If you turn up without an appointment, we will do our best to show you round the nursery, but please don’t be offended if we turn you away, as the needs of the children in nursery will come first. You will then be given an enrolment form to complete and return.

Our nurseries are popular and there is a demand for places. Our main intake of children takes place in August and September when vacancies are created by our older pre-school children leaving us to start school but vacancies can occur throughout the year.

The nurseries open from 8.00am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday. There is also an 'early' and 'late' session available for an additional charge between 7.30am to 8.00am and 5.30pm to 6.00pm.

The nurseries are closed for all Bank Holidays. Unlike some nurseries, we do not charge parents when we are closed.

The nurseries close at 3.00pm on Christmas Eve and reopen after the New Year bank holiday. We do not charge fees over the Christmas period.

We require four weeks’ notice to reduce your child’s days of attendance or to terminate your child’s place at the nursery. Increases in attendance will be accommodated as soon as possible. Changes to booking patterns must take place at the beginning of a week of attendance. Please complete a ‘Change of Attendance Form’ and hand it to a member of our management team who will process it for you. These forms are available from the office and dispensers on parent/carer noticeboards.

Over 95% of our staff hold a childcare qualification with the vast majority fully qualified holding a NNEB, DCE or NVQ L3 equivalent and many hold higher qualifications including NVQ L4, foundation degrees in early years and the early years professional/teacher status. A large number of our team are working towards higher qualifications and are supported in this by the nurseries. All of our team are trained in safeguarding children, food hygiene certificate and the vast majority hold a paediatric first aid qualification.

We have a very thorough recruitment process before anyone joins the Mulberry Bush team. We always send for two references and all team members must receive an ‘enhanced’ clearance through the Disclosure and Barring Service (D.B.S.) and complete a thorough induction period.

All our food is healthy, tasty and cooked on nursery premises in well equipped kitchens using fresh, wholesome ingredients. All of our nurseries have a dedicated professional chef who is well trained in producing the excellent standards of food required, using only fresh ingredients. We provide breakfast, lunch and tea for the children. Our nurseries can cater for dietary preferences such as vegetarian, halal and kosher, and also for children with food allergies and intolerances. Milk and water is available for the children throughout the day. We use the long established, Village Butcher in Tottington to supply all our nurseries with fresh, high quality, locally sourced meat and local dairies to supply our milk. We provide breakfast, lunch and tea for the children and our nurseries can cater for dietary preferences such as vegetarian, halal and kosher, and also for children with food allergies and intolerances. Milk and water is available for the children throughout the day. We believe that meal-times should be a happy, sociable time where different, healthy foods are tasted and eating skills can be developed.

In line with the latest government guidelines regarding passive smoking we have a very strict ‘No smoking’ policy that states employees may not smoke at all during their working day including during their lunch break, and should not smoke at all when wearing uniform, i.e. when travelling to or from work etc.

We will supply your preferred choice of formula for your baby and we will of course be happy to use expressed breast milk provided by parents in accordance with your instructions.

For our babies solid food is prepared to suit the individual needs of each child. Weaning starts with freshly prepared vegetables and fruit purees and gradually the introduction of meat/ fish in accordance with the latest health advice. We are also aware of baby led weaning as an alternative approach, and will work with parents to ensure that children develop healthy appetites and interest in food.

Yes, each of our nurseries have a pram store where parents can leave prams / car seats in the morning.

Yes we have a mobile phone policy (which also covers handheld computers such as ipads) which states that they must not be used on nursery premises other than in the nursery office or team areas. We ask that parents and visitors to the nursery keep their mobile phones switched off or on ‘silent mode’ in their bag or pocket and do not remove them whilst on nursery premises. Team member’s mobile telephones and computers are locked in their own locker during working hours and not kept in their coats or jackets which may then be worn whilst supervising children during outdoor play. Under no circumstances are mobile phones or computers ever brought into children’s rooms or areas.

We choose not take our children out of nursery for outings. Our priority is always to keep your children safe and in our own nursery environment we are confident about our ability to do so. Trips out to the local swimming pool, museum or even nearby parks have an element of risk which we feel is too high. We know it is important that we provide opportunities for our children to learn about the world and community around them and whilst we ensure there is a lot of variety to the routine of the nursery week, we know that our children look forward to something special happening at nursery. We therefore make a massive effort to invite as many special visitors into our nurseries as possible. We include all children in these additional activities and do not pass any of the cost to parents.

We offer a significant discount for parents who pay by Direct Debit. If you choose to pay fees other than by Direct Debit, your fees will be at a higher rate. Direct Debits amounts are taken on either the first, second or third working day of every month depending on which nursery you attend. You will receive an invoice detailing the amount to be taken ten working days beforehand.

The daily fee includes full care from 8.00am until 5.30pm. All food and drinks (including formula milk for babies), nappies, baby wipes and sun-creams are included.

In order to help parents pay their fees we accept a wide variety of childcare vouchers. Childcare vouchers must have been received into the nursery bank account no later than the 10th of each month in order to count towards the following month’s fees.

We will try our best to accommodate your preferred start date and booking pattern. You will not be required to make any payments to nursery until we can guarantee a place, at which point we will ask you for a non-refundable registration fee, together with the equivalent of one week’s fees in order to reserve your child’s place (reserve payment). This reserve payment will be applied as your child’s first week’s fees. It is refundable provided you give us four weeks’ notice prior to your child’s agreed start date that you no longer require the place.

Mulberry Bush Nursery Group are a group of five family run and owned children’s nurseries based in Bury, Lancashire. Founded in 1990, we are the longest established nursery group in the North West.

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