Tottington Nursery Ofsted Comments

Unique reference number EY415315
Inspection date 06/01/2016
Inspector Jennifer Kennaugh
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Care practices within the setting provide outstanding support for all children's physical and emotional well-being, from their initial attendance to their move to school. The nursery also makes an innovative contribution to the well-being of the local community.

Children make excellent progress from their starting points in all areas of learning, including disabled children and those with special educational needs. Additional funding is used extremely well to help ensure any gaps in children's learning are closing rapidly.

Teaching is consistently outstanding. Children are exceptionally well prepared for their next steps in learning. Their progress is monitored meticulously, so that any emerging gaps in learning can be addressed at the earliest opportunity.

Parents frequently contribute to planning for their children's learning and receive detailed information about their progress. They are offered a wealth of training and information to enhance their skills and knowledge, which helps them contribute to their children's exceptional progress and their well-being.

The nursery forms highly effective partnerships with other professionals and agencies that support children and their families. This contributes to children's excellent development.

The highly successful drive for improving on the existing superb quality of provision draws on the views of staff, parents, children and other professionals. The directors also regularly engage in discussions with both local and national authorities, which contribute to positive changes in the support and regulation of childcare.

There are excellent systems in place to ensure that all staff and managers update their knowledge of safeguarding frequently. The processes for recruitment and induction of new staff are highly robust to help promote children's welfare and their excellent progress. There are similarly rigorous systems to identify the training needs of staff.

Staff are continually supported to enhance their skills and qualifications, and consideration is being given to help staff undertake independent reflection on their practice.

Staff are exceptionally motivated and enthusiastic due to the high level of individual attention given to their development as childcare practitioners.

The rich and vibrant learning environment is also closely monitored to maintain its effectiveness. This contributes to the outstanding provision for children's well-being and learning.

Highly effective teaching contributes to pre-school aged children demonstrating excellent skills in identifying the initial sounds of words. These children show exceptional progress in key areas, such as literacy, numeracy, manipulative skills and communication skills.

Staff make exemplary use of activities to promote children's thinking skills in a variety of ways, including recalling, predicting and evaluating. They are highly skilled in encouraging children to extend their communication skills, whether they are babies learning to use two word phrases or older children learning to use complex sentences.

Staff provide a wealth of opportunities for children to learn about those who live in different cultures or countries to themselves. This helps to promote children's understanding and respect of the similarities and differences they have with others.

Staff make highly effective use of all opportunities to promote children's development of independence and self-help skills. This helps even some of the youngest children to contribute to their self-care.

Children have extremely good opportunities to learn why a healthy diet, effective hygiene routines and regular exercise contribute to maintaining their good health.

Children learn the satisfaction to be gained from taking on small tasks and helping others, developing their sense of responsibility to their community. They have excellent opportunities to learn how to talk about their feelings and understand those of others.

Resources are highly accessible for children so they can decide what to play with. Children are encouraged to make their own decisions about whether they need help. This contributes to promoting their resilience as they choose to persist with more difficult tasks. Children have exceptional opportunities to learn how to take well-managed risks and keep themselves safe in a variety of situations.

All children make extremely good progress from their starting points. They receive outstanding preparation for their next steps in learning, including school. They are exceptionally confident and keen to learn, with excellent concentration skills.

To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should explore ways for staff to enhance their independent reflection on practice and build further on the existing outstanding management of staff performance.

Mulberry Bush Nursery Group are a group of five family run and owned children’s nurseries based in Bury, Lancashire. Founded in 1990, we are the longest established nursery group in the North West.

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