Dumers Lane Nursery Ofsted Comments

Unique reference number EY491044
Inspection date 28/01/2016
Inspector Clare Wilkins
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Staff skilfully promote children's learning through excellent interactions and meticulously planned activities based on children's needs and interests. Children take part in an abundance of challenging and enjoyable learning opportunities in this vibrant environment.

Comprehensive and sharply focused arrangements for checking children's progress identify children's current abilities and any gaps in their learning. Staff use the information gathered to support children to make faster progress. This helps children to catch up quickly in their learning.

Children form strong attachments with staff, helping to promote children's emotional well-being. The highly effective key-person system enables new children to settle quickly and easily. This supports them extremely well at times of change, for example, when they progress to the next room in nursery.

Managers use creative ways to gather feedback from staff, parents and children. They use the information gathered to set challenging targets for improvement and act swiftly to make changes that enhance the already outstanding care and learning they provide.

Robust recruitment and induction procedures not only ensure that staff are suitable to work with children but also help them to settle quickly and confidently into their role. Staff feel valued and supported, contributing to the high morale and motivation demonstrated by the whole team.

The nursery has developed highly effective partnerships with other settings and local schools. Excellent communication provides a consistent approach to children's learning and development, supporting the next stage of their learning.

Managers strive to provide the best possible care and education for children. They lead their team of highly enthusiastic staff in a culture where expectations of all are consistently high.

Comprehensive arrangements for supervision enable managers to support staff to enhance their already outstanding teaching. For example, managers identify opportunities for staff to consider fresh and innovative ways of presenting some regular activities.

Partnerships with parents are excellent and they have numerous opportunities to be involved in their children's learning. For example, they welcome ideas from staff on how to continue children's learning at home and opportunities to attend training alongside staff. This helps to consolidate learning that happens at nursery and promote children's progress even further.

Arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Rigorous policies underpin the excellent knowledge staff and managers have about the protection of children. Robust procedures to keep children safe are followed by all staff.

Staff make regular and highly precise observations of children. Teaching is closely tailored to what children need to learn next and staff skilfully weave children's interests and experiences into challenging and exciting activities. This helps children to engage effectively in their learning and they make excellent progress.

Staff are well qualified and have first-rate knowledge of the ways in which children learn. They adapt their teaching methods to suit children's learning styles and individual needs, including disabled children and those with special educational needs.

Staff successfully foster children's natural desire to explore. They provide children with lots of opportunities to test out their ideas and lead their own play. For example, younger children concentrate for long periods of time as they fill and empty toy diggers with mud. This contributes to children's developing curiosity and problem-solving skills.

Children are very confident and motivated in this nursery. They thrive in the well planned and stimulating areas, both indoors and outdoors.

Children's behaviour is excellent. Staff share their high expectations with parents and this consistent approach helps children to clearly understand what is expected of them.

Staff consistently encourage children to learn how to meet their own needs and to help with jobs in nursery. For example, children glow with pride when it is their turn to wear the chef costume and help set up at lunchtime. This promotes their independence and developing sense of responsibility very effectively, which helps to prepare them for school.

Children are enthusiastic to learn about healthy lifestyles. For example, they confidently discuss which foods help them to become strong and watch themselves in the mirror as they take part in exercise and dance sessions.

Children are highly motivated and develop a very positive attitude towards learning. They all make very good progress. Older children learn key skills, such as in mathematics and literacy, which help them to be extremely well prepared for later learning in school.

To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should continue to support staff to evaluate and enhance their own practice and continuously build upon the already outstanding level of teaching.

Mulberry Bush Nursery Group are a group of five family run and owned children’s nurseries based in Bury, Lancashire. Founded in 1990, we are the longest established nursery group in the North West.

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