Walshaw Nursery Ofsted Comments

Unique reference number EY415343
Inspection date 21/11/2013
Inspector Jennifer Kennaugh
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“Children make excellent progress in their learning, as key persons have an exceptional knowledge of how individual children learn.”

“Educational programmes have depth and breadth and are very precisely matched to children's ages, stages and resulting needs.”

“Self-evaluation is relentless because the owners work continuously to enhance the nursery's support for children's learning and welfare. Strength of the evaluation process is the frequent cross-discussion between the staff and managers across the four nurseries in the group, in order to share strong practice and develop ideas.”

“Assessments, observations and planning for children's learning is discussed with key persons as part of the staff supervision process, so that there is an additional level of monitoring, to ensure that support for children's learning is rigorous. All children, therefore, receive outstanding preparation for their next steps in learning, including full-time school.”

“The nursery's highly comprehensive policies and procedures underpin an outstanding level of care and learning for all children in the nursery, when combined with the owners' continual drive to review these. This means that policies and procedures are always being enhanced to better support children's learning and care.”

“Parents' and children's views are constantly sought in order to tailor the nursery's provision to the needs of children and families. Parents praise the flexibility to accommodate the needs of children and parents, and the individual attention each family receives in order to better support children's welfare and learning.”

“Parents have excellent opportunities to contribute directly to their children's learning, irrespective of children's ages. These include borrowing books for shared reading and the use of 'take home toys' with diary books to encourage children to draw and write.”

“Parents regularly contribute their time and knowledge to the nursery by coming in to talk to children about their workplaces, such as health or emergency service related ones. This helps to enrich the educational programme and make it more directly relevant to children, to further engage their interest.”

“Partnership with parents is a key strength of the nursery, which contributes to the excellent progress made by children in their learning and development.”

“Children rising three years and above learn to manage their own needs for snacks and drinks by having independent access to fruit and drinking water through the day.”

“The nursery provides a dynamic programme of visitors from the full range of emergency services across the year, to help children learn about how to stay safe at home and when outside.”

“Staff demonstrate exemplary knowledge of management of children's behaviour by both practice and discussion. There is a wide variety of strategies in place to support all children to learn how to manage their feelings and behaviour.”

“Resources and toys are highly accessible indoors and out and consequently, children develop independence and creativity because they can make decisions about what to play with.”

 “Meals are prepared on the premises and children can make choices from a healthy range of options, supporting their enjoyment of a balanced diet. Children have ample opportunities to grow vegetables and help to tend these and then pick, prepare and cook them for meals. This helps them to learn about the basis for a healthy diet, through discussion with staff.”

“All areas of the nursery are very clean and well-maintained to help prevent the spread of any germs and to minimise accidents.”

“Robust practical safety measures include the use of door hinge covers on all doors and the use of key codes on all internal doors to the playrooms. This helps to prevent unauthorised access to children or children leaving rooms unsupervised. In addition, the main doors for each building are controlled by a biometric system so that only parents and nursery staff can enter or exit through these independently, which further enhances security of children.”

“Staff deployment is observed to be highly effective in supporting children's welfare and learning. This is because the nursery always works with more childcare staff on the premises than is legally required, so that children receive a very high level of attention for their care and learning.”

“The times when children change room within the nursery are smoothly managed, with plenty of discussion with parents to support children during this. A highly flexible approach, which is based on the needs of the individual child, is taken at all times, to maintain children's emotional well-being.”

“Children's moves to full-time school are incorporated into enjoyable learning experiences for children and they receive exceptional preparation in terms of independence skills and confidence for their next steps in education.”

“Parents are also offered the opportunity to develop their own skills by the nursery organising courses on first aid and behaviour management. This contributes to raising parenting skills and promotes consistency of approach with the nursery.”

“Risk assessments and safety checks are meticulous and reviewed as an ongoing process so children can safely access a wealth of learning experiences.”

“Procedures for recruitment, induction and staff performance management are exemplary. Strength of the nursery is the commitment to training staff and enabling them to broaden their professional knowledge and obtain higher qualifications. As a result, the nursery has a highly dynamic and motivated staff team to maintain outstanding care and learning for children.”

“The appraisal and supervision process is exceptionally rigorous, so that staff receive highly frequent feedback in order to enhance their practice. A highly comprehensive reward system for staff helps them to remain motivated and enthusiastic.”

“The quality of staff teaching is monitored through continual observation by room managers, along with regular formal observations by managers as part of the staff performance management process. As a result, management to support children's learning is outstanding throughout the nursery because all aspects of staff practice are robustly evaluated to ensure staff deliver the exceptional standards expected of them.”

“Partnership working is given immense priority. The owners, managers and staff work tirelessly to ensure that all children receive the help and support they need in and out of the nursery.”

“Partnership with the local authority, through the highly effective links forged by the owners and manager, are excellent. This ensures that the nursery plays an exemplary role in multi-agency working, to ensure that all children and families receive the support they need. The nursery owners are also involved in partnership with the local authority in order to evaluate and improve wider practice and procedures in the borough.”

“The nursery works almost continuously at full place occupancy, demonstrating an exceptionally high level of satisfaction with its service on the part of parents. For example, some parents accept part-time places for their children at more than one of the group's settings, in order to make sure their child receives consistently excellent care and teaching, if they cannot have all the time they need at one nursery.”

“Views from other professionals, agencies and settings are used continually to inform the evaluation of the nursery's practice. This means that the owners can implement precise and highly effective strategies for enhancing the existing excellent care and education provided for children. As a result, the nursery provides outstanding early years care and learning for all children attending, no matter what their needs.”

“Staff search for unusual sensory activities for young children, such as exploratory play with shavings of scented soap, to supplement their experiences of playing in the nursery's calming sensory room.”

Mulberry Bush Nursery Group are a group of five family run and owned children’s nurseries based in Bury, Lancashire. Founded in 1990, we are the longest established nursery group in the North West.

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