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We are thrilled that our 5 nurseries are amongst the first 25 nurseries in the country to receive the Millie's Mark award in recognition of our ongoing commitment for keeping children safe.


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Our Philosophy

We treat every child as a precious individual and appreciate your trust in placing your child in our care. We focus on ensuring each child is safe, stimulated, happy and loved. Children are given opportunities to explore, develop, play, splash, build, sing, dance, paint and laugh.

What makes us special

We are the longest established nursery group in the North West. We were founded in 1990 and are proud to say that we remain family run today. We are passionate about providing the very best childcare.

Despite our fantastic Ofsted gradings, we do not stand still. We are always striving to ensure that our nurseries are the best they possibly can be. We are so proud of our fantastic team and the amazing love and care they provide for the children every day.


"Bury Local Authority Children's Services have been proud to work with The Mulberry Bush Nursery Group on a number of levels, both in their work to include and provide the very best for young children and their families but also in the development of regional new Early Years Delivery Models where they have given considerable time and effort, worked in a professional and proactive way and been key partners in this area of change that will positively impact on services in the future"
Sue Reynolds, Head of Children Centres, Childcare, Early Years and Early Help 









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